Check Out

bathroomnewWe visit the rental property at the end of the Tenancy either with or without the Tenant present. The property is inspected throughout and a note is made of any differences between the present condition of the property and that described on the Inventory Report which was compiled before the start of their Tenancy.

The Check-Out Report will include specific details with regard to the general condition and cleanliness of the property. We will also note any items that are now broken, damaged or missing from the property.

To confirm, it is the responsibility of the relevant parties (Agent, Landlord & Tenant(s)) to agree between themselves if appropriate deductions from the tenants deposit should be taken. Sisco Inventories will only provide details of the changes noted at the time of Check-Out (compared against the original inventory) but will not specify monetary values that could potentially be deducted from the tenants deposit.  If an agreement cannot be reached, a dispute should be raised with the TDP scheme that the deposit was held under.

Where possible we will take the meter readings and if the Tenant is present, we can accept the return of the property’s keys on behalf of the Agent/Landlord. The Check-Out Report will be sent to the Agent/Landlord within 48 hours via email.